Final Project

For the final assignment of the class I needed to great a personal essay, something that related to me without really being about me. For that story I chose the ocean and the plastic that is effect it. I chose the ocean because I have always been fascinated by it and have always loved to swim around and just be in the water, but without being about me I also know how harmful humans have been to the ocean and the danger it is in. In the video I try to lean people in the right direction without being to forceful or demanding. Doing thing project I was faced with a few issues; the first issue I dealt with was finding photos. Getting photos of the water was easy because I already had so many on my phone but the plastic pictures were harder. To be able to incorporate photos of plastic I dung through mine and my friends trash to pile some up to take photos of it. Also I had the challenge of adding music to the project until I remembered I had taken a great composers class and had several songs on my phone that would fit the situation. When doing this project I enjoyed putting the film together. Since I gain experience from the last time we used iMovie I found no difficulties with the app and being someone who is interested in film found making this enjoyable. I am most proud of the final product I feel I have come a long way in this class and because of that was able to put together some of my best work. I was final able to finish an assignment without being to confused which makes me proud. If I had more time I would have gotten rid of the sound in the video I incorporate and also make have messed around with some of the transactions.


BiBi card

For this weeks assignment my classmates and I needed to recreant a Bibi card from a magazine. I chose a Good Housekeeping magazine to get my Bibi card, and I needed to recreate it as best as I could. To recreate the Bibi card I used the indesign adobe feature and within that I used text boxes, images, and lines to create the card, and before that I measured the Bibi card to make sure I had the correct outline. When creating the bib card there were a few problems I needed to overcoming. The first issue was finding the magazine in the top left corner, and the tote bag. To find an image of the magazine I needed to look up the specific issue of the magazine and included the celebrate on the cover (Ellen DeGeneres). Once I found the image I was able to insert it into the paper by creating a square and placing the photo inside of that. When dealing with the tote bag image it was much more difficult. I needed to look for tote bags that Good Housekeeping was giving out and from their found there website. I was not able to find the exact image, however, I was surprised to be able to find the tote bag that the magazine was giving away. When working on this project I most enjoyed adding in the barcodes on the back because despite how time consuming it was it was satisfying to see the outcome. I was most proud of being able to complete the assignment as if was difficult and I had many obstacles to overcome. Seeing how challenging this assignment was I was most proud of how closely I believe I was able to come. If I had more time to work on this project I would have attempted to find more exact font as the ones I picked was not the best. I also would have tried to photoshop the tote bag to be a more perfect match.

BiBi card 1 BiBi card 12

IMG_3131 IMG_3130

30 second commercial

For this weeks assignment I needed to complete a commercial supporting a non-profit organization that was 30 seconds long. For my commercial I wanted to highlight the fact that the Associated press started the emergency relief fund to help support not only there own staffers across the world but also to help support the communities they live in. I used different pictures taken by the AP to along with a voice over I made to try and get people to be sympathetic to the issue. When doing this project I found using iMovie to be a challenge at first because I had never used the application but after I figured out how to get the pictures and voice recording in the rest was easy. It was also challenging to time up the voice over with the picture but with a little patients I was able to time it all up. When doing this project I enjoyed that we were able to make a commercial, I am taking film classes and am interested in that field so no matter how minor it was nice to be able to work with some kind of film. After completing this project I am most proud of the message I was trying to send. Being in communication I appreciate what the AP does so making a commercial, even though no one will see it, for their cause felt good. If I had had more time to complete this assignment I would have done a few things differently. Firstly, I would have made better switches between the pictures, giving different fades and such as new one came in. Also I would have worked on the voice over part to be able to say less but still get just as strong of a message out. And finally I could have found better quality images or videos to try and sympathizes with the audience more.

Music Kiosk

For this weeks blog post I needed to turn the poster I had made into a video powerpoint about the artist. For this assignment I needed to talk about some interesting facts, show one of his albums, and showcase the poster I had created for him. When designing my powerpoint I wanted to make it as simple as possible but while also making it a little less boring and to do that I added photos of young thug to the pages that had no real image layout. Along with that I wanted to make sure the collage at the end of the powerpoint was fun so to do that I found, what I considered, to be goofy photos of Young Thug without them being to inappropriate. When creating this powerpoint I came across two major problems; the first problem I dealt with was downloading a song to place in the assignment. To get a show that could be used I was shown how to download a song from youtube to mp3, which would allow me to use it. After finding a clean version of the song I chose I then make it readily available for myself. Following this process came my next challenge, getting the song to play for the whole video. I have never used keynote before and had never really made a presentation that needed music in the background so I was not sure how to do this. In my first attempt I got the song onto the powerpoint however it would only play with the first slide, then after googling the activity I found out how to put the song into the whole powerpoint. When completing this assignment I enjoyed the freedom we had with our facts, artist, and music but I also enjoyed learning how to use the key point program which is nice as I have an apple phone. I am most proud of figuring out keynote and getting the song to play the whole time as I like figure things like that out. If I had more time I would have added more “fluff” like photos and pretty fonts but besides that I am proud of the powerpoint.


For this weeks blog assignment I was tasked with creating a poster for the artist of my choice. The poster needed to be poster sized and include the artist, ticket information, and location information. When first starting this project I decided that I would create a poster for one of my favorite artst at the moment, Young Thug. To get started I collected a number of images of Young Thug along with a few of his albums to include with the poster. I knew I wanted my poster focused around a solo picture of the artist I choose, but this came with some difficulties because the image needed to be distorted from the original. To do this I added a filter to the picture of Young Thug that I had picked, I used a funky filter because Thug is known for being unique and out there. Once that was set I found a filter that I liked for the album covers to get them to fit in nicely under the photo of Thug. However, when doing that I did not know how to change my old images with the new distorted one, to solve this Chris showed me how to place an image over an older image in illustrator using the file then place application. From there I added a green outline on the top because Young Thug usually uses the word “slime” on most of his albums and in some of his songs. When doing this assignment I enjoyed that we got to make an album for whichever artist we wanted, this allowed me to get closer to the assignment as I was doing something for someone I like. I am most proud of my distorted image of Young Thug, I think it matches his personality while not taking away from the picture. final thug poster2.jpg

animated postcard

For this weeks blog assignment I was tasked with mixing my font poem and e-collage to created an animated postcard. For this to be done I had to make the words form the poem pop up while the e-collage fades in after the poem. Starting this assignment I first layered my e-collage underneath my font poem. The first thing I did to make this project as simple as possible for myself is I cut out the unnecessary layers inside of my font poem, I removed the six rain drops and various snowflakes. After that I set my layers up so that way the lines that I wanted would pop up in the order that I needed to, then finished it up by slowly having the e-collage fade in behind the completed poem. I found this assignment extremely challenging when I first began it. The first issue I had was I was using I could not figure out how to get rid of the white background of the font poem so the collage could be seen. I fixed this issue by switching the document of the font poem, instead of using the poem that was all one layer I needed to switch it to the one with all the different layers. Another problem I encountered was getting the image to animate. I could not figure out how to get the timeline at the bottom of the photoshop app started. After messing around with he app and then hearing the instructor I found that if I clicked “create animation timeline” it would start up for me. I did really enjoy doing this assignment. Coming into the project I felt overwhelmed by what was asked of us however once I figured it out I began to enjoy the simplicity of it all. I am most proud of the fact that this is my first gif; I have never created one before and was amazed that I was able to figure it out and get a successful gif.



For this weeks assignment I needed to create an e-collage that correlated with my font poem from the week before. For my design I knew that I wanted my e-collage to fall the same way my poem did, a frozen snowy plain, followed by subtle flowers, and finally completed by the water. Due to the order of how things came in my poem I followed that same format with layering these images, I started with the snow covered mountains then went to the blossoming flowers and finished with the stream flowing at the bottom. Picking my images and deciding the order was the easiest part of this assignment, after that is when I came across challenges. The first, challenge I dealt with was blending the pictures to make it less obvious that it was just three separate pictures. To do this I distorted the snow picture to have it curve around the tree in the bottom and also make the hill with the picture next to it. After that I decided to show more of the bottom picture then I originally planned on; I erased the bottom half of the valley picture to show the rest of the fallen tar along with more of the water to reflect the pen more. Despite this assignment being challenging I still had fun while doing it, I enjoyed figuring out new features of photoshop ad even if they destroyed the image It was still enjoyable to gain new knowledge on the photoshop application. I am most proud of how the third image ended up looking. Instead of using any of the top half, I played most of that under the other picture but I felt the collage was lacking the water aspect of the poem. I chose to show most of the bottom of the image but still having it fade off into the valley photo. If I had ben given more time with this assignment I would have changed a few things. First, I would have blended the tree better, cutting out the white space and blotchy lines in it. Along with that I would have done something about the hard line between the snow and valley image.

blog 3